About Me

I am currently a final year Ph.D. student at Stanford University advised by Professor Nick McKeown.

Research Interests



The nanoPU: Redesigning the CPU-Network Interface to Minimize RPC Tail Latency
Stephen Ibanez, Alex Mallery, Serhat Arslan, Theo Jepsen, Muhammad Shahbaz, Nick McKeown, and Changhoon Kim

The Case for a Network Fast Path to the CPU
Stephen Ibanez, Muhammad Shahbaz, and Nick McKeown
HotNets 2019

Event-Driven Packet Processing
Stephen Ibanez, Gianni Antichi, Gordon Brebner, and Nick McKeown
HotNets 2019

The P4-NetFPGA workflow for line-rate packet processing
Stephen Ibanez, Gordon Brebner, Nick McKeown, and Noa Zilberman
FPGA 2019

s-PERC: A distributed algorithm to calculate max-min fair rates without per-flow state
Lavanya Jose, Stephen Ibanez, Mohammad Alizadeh, and Nick McKeown

Teaching Experience

CS344: Build an Internet Router, Stanford University

P4 Language Tutorial Instructor

P4-NetFPGA Tutorial Instructor